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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Pet Owners

Your pets are extremely vulnerable and depend on you for their safety. In order to provide care for your pets during an emergency situation, it is important to have a disaster plan in place.
Pre-Hurricane Planning
*Most shelters, including American Red Cross, do not allow pets, due to sanitation reasons. Call ahead and know where you can stay with your pet in case of evacuation or emergency situation.
*Keep a current photo of your pet along with his medical records, tags, collar, and leash.
*Have a crate available to limit exposure to danger.
Emergency Supply List
*A week's supply of food for each pet
*Can opener (if needed)
*1 gallon of fresh water per pet
*Cleaning supplies
*Favorite toys or treats
*Spare collar and leash (with ID tags)
*Grooming items
*Crate or carrier
*Pet First Aid Kit

Read more from the American Red Cross here.

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