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Monday, October 11, 2010

Education Moment for Children and Pet Owners

Do your children know how to approach a strange dog or cat? If they don't, they should and you should teach them how!

Anytime a child (or grown up for that matter) approaches a strange dog or cat they should always ask permission from the owner if they can pet their cat or dog. After asking the owner for permission approach the pet with caution. Let the animal "sniff" you first, the back of your hand is best if reaching out. After the "sniffing" is over it is okay to gently touch the animal or ask the owner how best to touch the pet.

Never EVER run up on a dog or cat (yes, some people walk their cats!) in the park and touch them without permission. Even the most well behaved cats and dogs will bite if startled!

Please educate your children and if you are a pet owner, educate those around you on the proper way to introduce yourself to a strange pet.

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